This is an informal companion website of ancient source material for the following two books:

  • Bockmuehl, Markus. 2010. The Remembered Peter in Ancient Reception and Modern Debate. Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament 262. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck.
  • Bockmuehl, Markus. 2012. Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory. Grand Rapids: Baker Academic.

The aim is to facilitate access to some of the primary source texts illustrating the profile of Simon Peter in the early church.

To navigate the information, use the tabs to explore the evidence from five successive historical periods or “Generations” of memory related to Peter (a designation of convenience explained in both volumes). Note also the separate tabs providing a Key to the Abbreviations and a partial reference bibliography of sources cited.

Not all sources listed here are discussed in detail in the two books, and the inclusion of material under “Generation” 3 and especially 4 is deliberately eclectic and illustrative.

For biblical texts and/or translations, only references are provided. Original languages have for the time being been limited to Greek and Latin; if time and resources permit, others may be added in the future.

For help with the design, editing and hosting of this site I am most grateful for the support of  David Lincicum, Nicholas Moore and the staff of the Oxford Research Archive and of the Bodleian Libraries in the University of Oxford.

All content on this site is intended as an informal reference tool, without any claim to completeness or accuracy. Nevertheless, please observe the conventions and courtesies of citation and copyright.


Markus Bockmuehl

Oxford, September 2012