Source identifications (“ID“) marked with an *asterisk are primarily illustrative, and signify that the entire document evidences a Petrine connection.

Generation = ‘Generation’ of the Source

0  Source witness may pre-date AD 70 (Peter’s contemporaries)

1  Oldest eyewitnesses of Peter’s contemporaries (to ca. AD 130/140 – NB Polycarp d. ca. 155)

2  Oldest eyewitnesses of the apostolic generation’s disciples (to ca. AD 190/200 – the death of Irenaeus)

3  The first generation after the last appeals to “living” memory (to ca. AD 250)

4  Later generations (selected sources only)

Slant = Approximate ideological orientation. This is for rough identification only and should be taken with considerable caution.

O  ‘Catholic’ (or viewpoints later deemed compatible)

J  Jewish / ‘Jewish Christian’ (where identifiable as such)

G  ‘Gnostic’

Man.  Manichean

Mont.  Montanist

P  Pagan

L1 = Location of active memory (or of its source). NB many identifications are tentative.

R  Rome; Rome and Italy; Rome and Africa

S  Greater Syria including Palestine; bordering Asia Minor

E  Egypt

A  Northern and Western Asia Minor, Greece

L2 = Major secondary location for addressees or reception. Same key as for L1 above.

Links= This column cross-references a selection of relevant passages in Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory and in The Remembered Peter (marked “RP”).